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How may we help you?

The Aurora Economic Development Council is a public/private partnership whose purpose is to create primary jobs in the city of Aurora. Everyday we work with the real estate community to attract businesses and jobs to Aurora. We are always looking to do more. And we are always confidential.
Many of our services at the Aurora Economic Development Council can help real estate professionals close deals in Aurora. We offer the following services, among others:


We assess companies’ potential for incentives and prepare incentive packages usually involving tax waivers and job training.

Local leadership contacts

We are well-connected to Aurora’s leaders. The Mayor, City Council, senior city staff and business leaders pay close attention to economic development. They are committed to creating new jobs and an exceptional business environment in Aurora. They work with us closely to do that.

Zoning and permitting

We can answer questions and facilitate permitting. We can connect you with the right people in city government to provide guidance and solve problems.

Site selection

We can provide real estate information from databases like CoStar. We also can help with land and building options that don’t always show up in the databases.

Community and demographic information

We have the full gamut of information related to taxes, population, income, cost of living and amenities. We also have maps showing zoning, infrastructure, housing and more.

Employment and training programs

We have good resources that can help with employee recruitment, wage & salary assessments and access to federal job training programs.

Market intelligence

We can tell you about what’s happening in Aurora. We pay close attention to businesses coming to town, infrastructure development, growth opportunities and other aspects of the city that are important to relocating and expanding businesses.