Creative business incentives for your venture

The Aurora Mayor, City Council and city manager support business expansion and retain an environment optimal for corporate success.  As part of this effort, businesses can relocate and grow using various education, training, and financial assistance programs.  The Aurora Economic Development Council evaluates the impact of proposed expansions and determines the proportion of public revenue that may be allocated to assist businesses. 

Innovative Deals

  • Primary businesses come to us to when they want to relocate or expand in Aurora.  We work 100 percent confidentially with our business prospects to make deals happen and create new project opportunities.  We make the connection.
  • We understand time is money.  We work with our investors and senior city staff in the planning and development departments to ensure projects are streamlined through the development review process and get developments to market faster.  We are the liaison between our prospect and local government.  
  • We find temporary solutions while advising for the long-term.
  • Although limited with financial incentive options, we establish relationships that are invaluable and find resources that may not available anywhere else.  We get creative to make things happen.
The Aurora Economic Development Council will assist your company through every step of the incentive process.  Contact us today.