AEDC Services


25,000 Primary Jobs and Counting

The City of Aurora and Adams and Arapahoe Counties have an environment that is optimal for corporate success.  Businesses can relocate and grow using various education, training, and financial assistance programs.  The Aurora Economic Development Council provides a full spectrum of services for prospects, members, stakeholders, etc. to drive sustainable economic development and job growth.    

How we do a deal

We structure deals dependent on what the prospect is looking to do.  Every project is unique and requires individual attention.  We offer a multitude of services including:
  • Comprehensive site selection based on our knowledge of the market
  • Zoning and permitting assistance
  • Access to local leadership
  • Support from other partnerships
  • Data and insight
We advise companies on how to best utilize the resources available.  To do this, we evaluate the impact of proposed expansions and determine the proportion of public revenue that may be allocated to assist businesses.  Incentives are an important part of attracting major players in our targeted industries, but not the most influential.  We work with hundreds of business confidentially on an annual basis with various needs.  Since 2001, the Aurora Economic Development Council has created/retained 22,776 primary jobs and we are just getting started.